Campaign to Protect Old Woodstock

Helping Hands for Old Woodstock

Helping Hands is a community group of volunteers who are helping the vulnerable and isolated during this hard time of Covid-19. It covers the area of Old Woodstock and is managed by C-POW and FoOW.


Welcome to our website.  C-POW was formed to protect the community of Old Woodstock, part of the historic town of Woodstock in Oxfordshire.  We are a community of a little over 250 dwellings.  Old Woodstock stands on the edge of beautiful fields which overlook the scenic Glyme valley.  These fields host a variety of wild flowers, animals and birds.  In the middle of the fields is the old footpath to Wootton, particularly picturesque in the summer when the hollyhocks are alive with bees and butterflies.  The open space is central to our community; used regularly by residents, dog walkers and tourists. It brings the community together. But these fields are under threat:  there are plans to build 120 houses on them. If the development goes ahead it will destroy our community and our natural environment.  C-POW aims to stop this development.

OR simply call us, text or email, to offer your support or be kept informed. 

07398 584127


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