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Working to protect our community, town and natural environment from overdevelopment.

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West Oxfordshire District Council’s planning committee decisively rejected Blenheim Estate’s application to build 180 homes on the Hill Rise site.

Blenheim Estate has appealed against the decision. This was not unexpected. C-POW has requested and been granted Rule 6 status in this appeal. This means that we will effectively be treated as a party to the Appeal and will be able to put forward our arguments, cross-examine witnesses and so on.

The Appeal will be by public inquiry and will be decided by a Planning Inspector. It is set to last for six days and the public may attend. The dates set aside for the inquiry are 6, 7, 8, 9 and 13,14  June 2023.

C-POW will do all we can to help defeat Blenheim’s appeal.

You can view the Appeal documents at the same link as the application (see below).

Housing applications in addition to Park View (300):

180 Hill Rise
235 Banbury Road
500 Nr Bladon roundabout

That's a total of 1215 homes!
The Local Plan says Woodstock can cope with 600 houses.

North of Hill Rise (180 homes)
Ref: 21/00189/FUL
REFUSED. Submitted for an appeal inquiry in June '23.
Follow link to view Appeal documents.

North of Banbury Rd (235 homes)
Ref: 21/00217/OUT
Conditional permission granted.

South of Perdiswell Farm (500 homes)
Ref: 22/01715/OUT

Go to the Cherwell DC planning page at:
and search with reference number 22/01715/OUT. 
Please still comment as comments may be accepted up until decision date. This application is with Cherwell District Council (CDC), not West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC). Hill Rise and Banbury Road are with WODC.

To keep informed about the Hill Rise site and what you can do, please sign up to our newsletter and/or join the campaign.

OR simply call us, text or email, to offer your support or be kept informed. 
Tel: 07398 584127  Email: contact@c-pow.org.uk

Useful and Core Documents

1. Our response to Blenheim's design changes.
180 Houses: How to Object

2. Woodstock Town Council's advice on how to object.

3. Planning applications in West Oxfordshire should adhere to the following policy documents. Compare the plans to these:
West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2031
National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

4. Template Objection to plans on Land East of Hill Rise. This is a last resort, please write your own if you possibly can.
Template Word: WORD.doc to edit and add your own words.
Template PDF: Non editable, print, sign and post.

Blenheim Build - Key Concerns - Dec '22

This gross overdevelopment poses a threat to the World Heritage Site, its setting and the historic town of Woodstock.

Read the article in the Oxford Mail.


STOP BOTLEY WEST is the collective voice taking action to stop the largest solar farm in Europe from being installed on farmland around the villages adjacent to Blenheim Palace WHS.

How can you help?

Visit their website.
Sign their petition.
Join their mailing list.


Helping Hands for Old Woodstock

Helping Hands is a community group of volunteers that was set up to help the vulnerable and isolated during Covid-19. We are still operating and understand we have hard times ahead with the cost of living crisis, so if you need a little help running errands please call us.

We cover the area of Old Woodstock and are managed by C-POW.

If you know of anyone who needs help, call us on 07398 584127.

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