Helping Hands for Old Woodstock

If you live in Old Woodstock, are vulnerable, isolating or need support for a loved one, we have a very friendly group of local volunteers happy to food shop, get essentials, walk the dog, pick-up prescriptions or simply be there for a friendly chat.

Whatever you need, please call us or email, and someone will help you as soon as they can.

Call us: 07398 584127  Email us:

If you would like to join our Helping Hands volunteers in Old Woodstock please get in touch using the above details. If you would like to offer your support to people in the rest of Woodstock please contact Claudia House at

Helping Hands is a community group supporting the vulnerable and isolated during this time of Covid-19. It was setup, and is managed by, C-POW and FoOW (Friends of Old Woodstock).

Find us on Facebook @HelpingHandsOldWoodstock

Helping Hands C-19